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Sell Us Your Used Brass Casings

Recoup some of your costs of shooting by selling us your brass casings. We have streamlined the process so you get money back in your pocket after shooting even faster.

Weigh Your Brass Casings

Fill out our simple form and we’ll tell you how much you’ll get for them.

Ship Your Brass to Us

Just print out our shipping label and order form. We’ll take care of the rest.

Get Paid!

We’ll pay the best for your brass. Once it has been received, inspected, and weighed, you’ll receive a check within 15 days.

Why Recycle Your Brass Casings?

Shooting guns is expensive. Why not get money back on every shot? If you’re not selling your used brass, you’re missing out on money in your pocket. Just imagine what you could get just for selling your used brass casings after going shooting:

  • New Guns and/or Gun Upgrades.

  • More ammo to shoot.

  • That vacation you’ve been saving up for.

Getting Started Selling Your Used Brass

1. Collect Your Brass

The most important step to getting money for your brass is… collecting your brass. You usually collect your brass after shooting anyways, why not turn it into cash? If you don’t pick up your used brass after shooting, why not start now? 

Sound tedious? It’s easier than you think. Try these tips to make it feel effortless:

1. Every time you empty your firearm, collect the brass. Collecting a small amount at a time is much easier than collecting all of it after you’re done shooting for the day.

2. Attach a brass catcher to your firearm. This mesh bag attaches to your firearm at the ejection port and collects your brass as you shoot

3. Place a tarp on the ground where your brass casings land. When it’s time to collect your brass casings, just pick the tarp up and pour it into a bucket or other container.

Stop leaving money in the dirt or in the trash, we’ve made it easy to get money for your used brass!

2. Sell It

We’ve made this part easy for you. Just submit your request using our Sell Your Brass form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Here’s how our process works:

1.You tell us how much brass you want to sell. We’ll give you an estimate of how much you will get for it (the amount you receive may differ once we have received and processed it based on actual weight).

2.Decide your shipping method. We’ll give you a shipping label to print (the cost will be deducted from your credit), or you can print your own.

Preparing Your Brass

Don’t worry about cleaning, processing, or sorting your brass – we will take care of that. Just make sure you only include brass casings in your order, we cannot recycle steel or aluminum casings and will not include them in the final weight used for your payment

3. Get Paid

We’ll take it from here! Once we receive your brass, we will inspect it and weight it to calculate the final value based on your quote. We will send you a check for your brass within 15 days of receiving your package.

Start getting the value of your used brass casings by selling them to Mojo Precision LLC!

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IMPORTANT: Estimates are for range brass from indoor ranges with exceptions for clean brass from outdoor ranges. We provide quotes for large amounts of brass and are not able to provide quotes for under 50 pounds. NOTE: We ONLY buy used ammunition casings, we DO NOT buy scap brass.

NOTE: Your estimate will likely come through text to make communicating easier. Please use your best cell number above for the fastest communication and estimate.

Get Your Brass Picked Up

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NOTE: We will confirm your date(s) are available or coordinate a better date with you. If shipping is needed we will be in touch with shipping pickup details. We communicate primarily through text so please use your best cell number above.